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Aspie Hong Kong  香港亞斯聯盟 

Hong Kong Aspie Conference 2020 (HKAspieC2020)

香港亞斯研討會2020     | 研討會詳情 |

Date: 13 June 2020 (Sat.) 09:00-17:30, Hong Kong

Due to novel coronavirus impact date of events of this project might be changed.  Please be noted on upcoming announcement in this website soon. (updated 5 Feb. 2020)

Ø   A call for global support and participation to the HKAspieC2020 scheduled to be held in Hong Kong on 13th June 2020 (Saturday) 09:00-17:30 (GMT 8).  Details of this global call will be released by early January 2020.  Welcome to visit our website again.  Due to novel coronavirus impact, out of HK visit will be cancelled until further notice.  (updated 5 Feb. 2020)

Ø   The HKAspieC2020 had secured financial support from the Hong Kong <Equal Opportunities Commission> (Updated 21 Nov. 2019)

Ø   The first Conference organized by and for Aspie friends on topics related to them in the Greater China Region.

(AS = Asperger Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorders)


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Autism Hong Kong is our mother organization and is also one of the major proposing organization of the HKAspieC2020.

AHK Education Consultants Limited: A company specializes in autism education and consultancy services in Hong Kong, and also one of the supporting organizations of the HKAspieC2020. 


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